(So I had this convo when I was intoxicated and this is what happened. I later told my slave that I was ashamed of myself)

me: I was gonna ask…if no one else wants to, could I eat you out? But I know you wouldn’t want me to cause I’m a female. So that’s why i was so hesitant to ask

her:I’ll be willing to try it

me:Seriously? I’ve been told I do a really good job.

her: I’m not gonna think too hard about it

me: ok I’ll just go for it later. I just don’t want it to come off as rape lol.

her: hahaha ok


(I asked who would win in a game of hide and go seek Waldo or Carmen San Diego? Carmen won but here is a couple funny responses)

sis: Lmao…are they hiding from each other? If so…bitches be knowing how to shake niggas ( I know I do lls) so I’m goin wit carmen


Daughter Ker: Carmen. Walso scared forreal. Blend in with the scenery and shat! lol

me: it’s hide and seek….you’re supposed to blend.

DK: Wearing red and white all the time? it isn’t Christmas all the time

me: lmfao. but yet he still successfully blends

DK: Fuck that! Where do you see a candy cane blend in well ANYWHERE?


(I was “talking” to my cousin one night and I don’t even know why I attempted)

Cuz: And we were just….chillin…and now we’re waiting for food

me:Yeah i totallybelieve today was his day. big day tight

(later that day)

me: LMFAO! I was sleep when I wrote that. I meant “I totally belive y’all are/were just chilling *sarcasm*”


(a dream from my slave)

I was on the floor laying on my back. You had my wrists and ankles and knees bound together. You started nibbling on my legs working your way up to my stomach, then my chest, my neck, and finally my lips. You then whisper in my ear “I have a treat for you”. You lower your vagina toward my face and I stick my tongue out to probe it. I slide my tongue around your walls and then pull it out and flick your clit. You then sit on my face and I suck your clit and juices flow heavily from your vagina. I scoop some up with my tongue and spread them all over your clit. I then start sucking on your lips and licking in between them making sure to reach into your hole with my tongue. You are grinding against my face and I am soaking wet. I suck your clit again grazing my teeth against it. You start to shake and convulse against me. Your juices run onto my chin as I suck harder on your clit to hold on. I then orgasm as your body relaxes and you slide down and straddle me hips. I write and moan and buck against you. You bite my neck and pinch my nipples which sens my body on another orgasmic wave. I try to ask you if you would finger me but I can’t get any words out. When you release my body  from your mouth and hands I quickly beg you to finger me. You reply by saying that you aren’t ready to do so yet, but you do untie my knees. You then command me to roll over and begin spanking me. At first I try to stay silent. But after about ten smacks I give in to screaming. You keep going and tears start to form in my eyes. You suddenly stop and spread my legs. You remark on how much wetness is on my thighs and rub my clit. As soon as you touch it I cum and you then ram four of your fingers into my vagina. More screams escape my lips and I don’t know what to do with myself. My orgasms are running into each other and I’ve been screaming so much my mouth is getting dry. You pull your fingers out and sit down in  a chair to watch as I keep cumming. My screams slowly turn into moans as I begin to come down. You roll onto my back , bend down to kiss me and I reach  up to meet your lips. You pat my head and say “you’re so much fun to play with. You’re such a cute pet”. I smile and try to nuzzle your hand but collapse on the floor instead. You laugh and untie the other ropes on me.


(me and my bro were talking about a situation between him, my friend, and myself. This is my view on the situation)

well I was too busy being happy and drunk to process the possibility that it was slight rape. Luckily Dman said it only felt like 5% rape so that’s not that bad to me. That’s equivalent to, if not less than, verbal harassment ex “damn that girl has a fat ass!”


(My friend was high and sent me this text. Me being high spent 15 minutes trying to figure out the error)

I met a physic today. She told me some crazy shit but she was right.

(he meant psychic lmfao)


me: i wrote one about your status and the entire conversation that followed.

she: yeah i pretty much figured that….

me: ok lol? ~qing ren~

she: I just don’t want you to feel some type of way because of my views on a certain subject. I’ve known all this time about u and Roz and I love you both for who u r. But I just don’t agree with it. I am still the same silly person who calls u wifey. Which I dont think hypocritical because its just jokes. I have nvr judged you or Aj for being what u r. So the same way I give you both respect I expect to receive it. Marriage is the part I disagree with not just being gay. We can have that convo at another time though.

me: i mean i don’t recall disrespecting you because i do understand people are entitled to their own opinions. if u feel disrespected i’m sorry. but stuff like “i accept WHAT you are” like i’m a human. what’s not to accept about that? i just feel hurt that you don’t get it. i’m just shocked i suppose.

she: I wasn’t saying that you did disrespect me I was just saying that I don’t treat you any differently because youre gay or bi so I dont want to be seen as anything other than your friend now that you have seen my status. And of course you’re human I wasn’t saying otherwise. I just didn’t know any other of saying your sexual orientation without saying those words exactly.

me: but the fact that you would think my marriage with roz is less than yours with kendrick.. i think that’s his name is why i’m hurt. you do see me differently. that is judging. you feel you have more of a right cause you’re straight. to me that’s the same as white people thinking they have higher right than a black person. fuck control descrimination is descrimination. as a matter of fact i think control def is out the window cause people that aren’t gay get accused of being it daily and treated like shit. so “hiding” doesn’t matter since people will make their own assumptions of you anyway.

she: I understand completely…but you are different love. Being gay, bi, transgender whatever the case IS different. But I believe that marriage is a holy Matrimony which is done before God. And if he doesn’t agree who am I to say any different? bashan: And I think that being mistreated like teased and bullied is horrible. No matter the reason. But ppl who just assume are asses anyway. I just ask.

me: and i feel like you shouldn’t ask cause it shouldn’t matter. and i understand it’s against your religion but you shouldn’t be disappointed in the go v’t for doing their job and recognizing that the laws they pass don’t have shit to do with religion. ~qing ren~

she: I understand. And just to clear the air the only time I asked someone were they gay was when we were in a small group who had to work together for the entire semester and rumors about him already existed so I just asked so our f’n work could get done. Lol

me: btw i saw on your status your thing about partnership. if gay people don’t have a recognized marriage they don’t have marital benefits. one can’t simply be written in the will and recieve stuff. nor can they make desicions for their partner when they’re hospitalized. that is why marriage is so important. people can get married by courts outside of churches. which is at least what gay people should be offered if a church is gonna reject them fine. but the gov’t refusing it is hypocracy and techincally illegal ~qing ren~

me: I’m reaching the point of drunk and rambling lol so I’mma stop for tonight. I think i’ve said all i can say.
~qing ren~

she: Yeah my phone does that. But u definitely can leave stuff for people even if there’s no court ruling saying you two are together. Or if there’s no relations b/t the two.

me: but if family were to intervene their ruling would over rule the words in the will. cause FAMILY has a higher priority. so if the marriage is recognized they do become family

she: Although i dont believe thats totally correct. I understand what your saying. And then that should be changed whatever’s in the will goes

me: No i’m serious. Family can totally be like fuck you. You’re not apart of this family we want that shit. This ain’t gran torino. there’s no happy endings yet. just reality as is, aka stupid

she: hmmmm true


(my roommate send sends me a pic of my friend on my male roommate. His dick is out and it appears they’re wrestling so I asked my friend why was his dick out?” her response)

Honestly I have no idea. I was just beating him up is all

me: That’s prob exactly why it was out. Cause you was beating it up!


(SB just dropped me off at the greyhound and stayed with me til the bus pulled off. So I sent her a few text before my phone died)

I just want you to hop on the bus with me. I’ll take you to the back in the dark. We would be in the back, everyone else on the bus is sleep or listening to music. We’re in the three seater so there’s plenty of space. I lean in close to you. I’d kiss your cheek and then repeated kisses on your neck. The bus lights are off and my hands make my way between your legs. But still outside of your jeans. You squeeze your legs on my hand and I giggle because I can also feel your subtle thrust against it. I start to unbutton your pants and you quickly grab my hand because you’re nervous about doing this around people. I use my fingers to press against your clit, through your pants and you can do nothing but succumb to your hormones. I continue and unzip them. I graze my hand against you clit. But not directly, I haven’t moved past your panties. You try not to moan loudly but it’s enough for me to hear and get soaked off of. I run my index finger up and down against your clit, still outside of your panties. My ring finger can feel your wetness leaking through. You whisper “please”. I giggle some more at how quickly you went from stop to more. I push your panties to the side and run my finger up and down faster. You love it but you are still going crazy from all this teasing. You alternate between biting my ear and whispering “baby, please”. I can tell you are gonna get upset soon. So I give you what you want. My middle and ring finger go gliding up into your pussy. You try to scream from shock, but my lips are already meeting yours and my tongue is right behind them to greet yours, our cover isn’t blown. My hand is still working your insides and my tongue is dancing with yours. Your lower body is thrusting against my hand hard and quick, this enables me to push deeper inside of you. Some of your moans leak out between the gaps in our kisses. But you are mostly able to keep it down. No one on the bus has raised any suspicion. My hand stays inside of you until your thrust slow down and then you completely stop. There is no more energy in your kisses, just heavy breathing. I can tell you came, and hard. I smile at you and give you one more kiss as I remove my hand. You throw your arms around me and bring me close to you. You kiss my cheek and drop back to rest. I zip up your pants you lean on me and sleep until we get to Baltimore. 


( I asked my baby what she’d do if i was with her. Needless to say rated XXX lol)

I would suck your left nipple while pinching the one and letting my free hand roam your body. My mouth would travel and suck around the nipples and higher as well. I would then switch and do the same to your right. I would then run both hands down your body while kissing your stomach as I travel down to your clit. Sticking a finger in your wet vagina. I would gather the wetness on it and spread it to your clit. I’d rub your clit for a little while before deciding to stick my  tongue in your vagina. I probe your vagina with my tongue for awhile before sliding 3 fingers in. Then I would start to stuck on your clit and continue to do so while driving my fingers deep inside of you. Massaging your walls while assaulting your clit with tongue. Working quickly as you clench your thighs around my head and thrust your hips high in the air against me. Your body would give in fully to me and release the nectar I waited for. And hopefully I would be allowed to work for more of it.